Sunday, 12 February 2017


Still having problems with  photos, so here is  one taken at Christmas. It is  of  grandson Matthew and his  lady friend Mary. She is  a  quite charming  Portugese young lady living and working in London. 

Now for my bit  of news -   which is that at the end of my financial year (March 31) I am going to retire - Doctor's  advice in that my heart is still playing  up  a bit (angina). Doctor  says  he cannot order me to retire - he can only strongly recommend it.  I don't want to, but I've already carried on ten years beyond the usual retiring age, so I'm going to stop work in order to concentrate on improving my collection.  That  should keep me  busy!

Warm regards to all - Mike.


Margaret Brocklehurst said...

What a lovely photograph, I still find it amazing how much Matthew resembles his great grandfather. Mary looks a lovely girl and not at all scary, most inappropriate to call her a fiend!

Congratulations on retiring at last. I am supposed to be retired now, but seem to be doing more than I ever did, although it is now voluntary work. I do so love living in a smaller community.

PIcked up a nice large Minton Genevese pitcher from the local charity shop the other day for a couple of pounds. Dated it as 1862-1873 from the mark underneath, Has a crack near the lip which has been stapled very neatly. Rather oddly I always like repairs like that as it means it has been used and loved. Beautiful shape.

Extremely cold here today, unusually so for North Cornwall, bitter easterly wind, made my eyes run walking Walter along the cliffs this morning. However, the sun has just come out so hopefully it may warm up a little.

I do so enjoy reading your blog and looking at the photographs, also very much like reading Z's blog. Keep up the good work! Lots of love to you both, Maggie xxx

Mike said...

Hello Mags, and thank you for pointing out my misspelling of 'lady fiend'. I've corrected the matter. P.s. congratulations on your acquisition of the Minton. I, too rather like repaired and restored porcelain. As you say, proves it has been valued.

Crowbard said...

You do love a challenge Mike; how on Earth are you going to improve your wonderful, extensive and diverse collection?

Z said...

Your friends in the antique world will miss you, Mike, though I'm sure you'll still visit the fairs as a customer. I'm sure that Ann is glad you're listening to the doctor and taking his advice, though.

Thank you for your kind words, Maggie :) xxx

Lori Skoog said...

Listen to your Doctor and continue keeping us posted!

Rog said...

Good luck with your mew, laid back lifestyle Mike! I'm sure you will still be a distinctive and distinguished figure around the quality antique fairs!

Mike said...

Thank you all. I shall stay in touch.