Friday, 17 February 2017


This is one of the misericords beneath a seat in the choirstalls at Saint Andrew's Church , Isleham. It's a nice bit of carving, but it  seems a bit perverse to me. He has the beginning of a nice  set of whiskers, but he's got it on upside down!!! That is, droopy instead of bushy and upstanding. Pity.

All the misericords are quite restrained - just the one portrait per seat - all dating from circa 1450.


Z said...

Doesn't look the most comfortable seat either. Little chance of a choirboy nodding off during the sermon.

Crowbard said...

The ruff-like collar about the face possibly foreshadows the small ruff first seen in the clothing of the 1530s and still seen on Anglican tenor choristers and Scandinavian priests, or perhaps this is a nod towards the 'Jack-in-the-green'? I find it a very pleasing piece in its bold execution and simple style.

Mike said...

Hello Carl. Yes, I agree - all bar those 'upside down' whiskers!!!!!