Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Couple of photies put in just to keep in practice. Played scrabble at Hilary's this morning. Two good games. Won the first. The second photo shows a toleware (japanned tinned iron) snuff box I bought on eBay a day or two ago. Cleaned up nicely with better detail showing than I expected. The legend on the box is 'Liberty to all men' which was a favourite anti slave trade slogan. A real piece of history. Certainly made and probably used in England. It is a fact that a good many English workmen solidly backed the emancipation of American slaves, feeling that although they were not very well off themselves, at least they were free men. Such an English workman probably carried, and used, the snuff box displayed above. Went to dentist this afternoon to have a filling seen to. He asked me if I thought an injection would be necessary. Suggested we try it first without one and see. So he did, and all was well. Good night All.


Crowbard said...

Fine sentiments on the snuff box (excepting dentists who should not take liberties and who probably rarely take snuff anyway).

Z said...

Ah, one of your lovely bowls :)

Michael Horner said...

Thank you Z. You are very observant. They are all from Scandinavia - purchased when visiting Ruth and Lasse.