Friday, 7 October 2016


Wednesday attended a good, busy, Long Melford Antique Fair. Sold an early stonebow (16/17th century Italian) soon after we got there and before we'd had time to set up. Bought two brass tinder boxes, both needed a clean, but sold one of them on to a couple (quite literally a married couple) of American dealers (old friends) together with a good deal of early metalware. Very busy morning both buying and selling. Just after midday our good friends Derek and Cath turned up to look after the stall for a while, and we adjourned to the Bull Inn for a quick lunch. After lunch things were rather quieter, but we continued to sell odd bits and pieces. Packing up was a good deal easier than packing had been earlier. Got home at about four thirty, and teenage Tom Next-Door (note hyphenated surname) gave us the usual very welcome assistance doing the heavy work. Now all we've got to do is to find some more decent antiques ready for the next fair; still, got a month to do that, and we usually succeed in finding a few fresh bits. I'm really just typing up bits of this last week to keep the blog going. Still unable to illustrate it, but son Jonathan is coming over on Saturday morning to try and teach me to use the computer more efficiently, especially in the photography department. I am also quite unable to buy on Ebay, and I hope Jon will be able to set me to rights on this. Oh Well ; we'll see. P.s. It would also be lovely to be able to correspond with fellow bloggers again. Cannot check whether I'm receiving any comments to blog, hence -lack of correspondence!! Fingers crossed, though.

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