Thursday, 13 October 2016

Today we motored across to John and Margaret's house in a village a few miles north of here to have lunch with them. Got a panic call that their long case clock was playing up, so took my tool box with me. As soon as we got there, while Margaret made coffee, I had a look at the clock, applied a little clock oil appropriately and (this is the important part) set the clock in beat. Don't quite know how this had happened, but it is a thirty hour clock, therefore is wound every day. It should ideally be fastened to the wall, so that once set in beat it will not depart from it. I've already explained all this to John, but as he doesn't really want to fasten the clock to the wall (for various reasons) I don't mind going over occasionally and giving it remedial treatment, especially when one of Margaret's lunches is included in the arrangement. We have a reciprocal arrangement with them, when John checks out any minor computer problems. It seems to work very well, and is an arrangement of very long standing. Took the photos on the drive home, mainly in Bildeston. Some lovely old buildings there. It is now a mile away from the village church; according to local legend this is because the place was very badly hit by the black death in 1349, so that the village was eventually moved down to the river. Not sure about all that, except that the bit about the Black Death seems to be true enough. Must close and do a bit more work now; regards, Mike and Ann.

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