Monday, 17 October 2016


Took this photo outside our home last week. The lorry shown bullying the small car was MASSIVE. There is a weight limit of seven and a half tons on this street. Almost all the houses in the street are Grade two listed. Whilst I was taking photographs Ann was trying to inform the Police of the difficulty with the lorry as traffic built up. Although Ann eventually managed to report the matter to the police, no police attended, and we were not given any further information by the police. Despite the weight limit having been applied around twenty years ago, it is flouted daily, and apparently with complete impunity!


Tim said...

Go to Langdon's website (helpfully visible on the back of the lorry) and send a message to the CEO.

Crowbard said...

Time to make a deployable barrier displaying the weight limit that you can wheel out of the front door and stand behind it with a punt-gun ~ it'd be more effective if you've still got a uniform that fits ~ Power to the people! #

Z said...

They just follow their satnavs and ignore restrictions, it's quite outrageous. Your road is completely unsuitable for big lorries.