Tuesday, 25 October 2016


The above photographed house is, to my mind, one of the handsomest in Highdale. I have photographed and spoken of it before, I know; but this morning, I walked along to it (about two hundred yards from our home) and photographed the side furthest from the road (the back view, in other words), to reiterate my opinion that lovely old buildings are usually well worth a look at the back of them. The back of this one is not easily on view, but some parts of it are, and what there is, is shown in the first illustration. Although the date is shown as 1653, this is the date at which the latest major alterations (or perhaps decorations would be the better word) were done, as the building was obviously built around two hundred years before the date given, i.e. circa the mid 1400s. Being called up to lunch, so will write a bit more (D.V.) later. Back again after a good, light lunch. One last thing regarding the above house is that it has been divided into two homes, probably done when the property ceased to be an Inn. Should perhaps make it clear that all the above photographs show the same building.

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