Thursday, 29 September 2016


I still seem to be having problems with this machine, which is a Windows 10. Still trying though. About to see if I can put up a photo. 'The King of Prussia's eldest son said "Thank you. I am having none." and that seems to be exactly the attitude of my 'new' computer. Very annoying, but at least this morning it seems to be considering allowing me to publish a written blog - I hope. It has been, so far, a busy week. Been getting on well (so far) in the workshop, dealing with an 'anniversary clock' so called because it is supposed to run for 400 days. I don't usually take on early twentieth century clocks, but this one belongs to a friend's son, and is anyway proving to be more interesting than I thought it would be. Am also dealing with a large, late Victorian wall clock, which is responding well to treatment. Would that I could transfer some of my skills in mechanical items to electronical skills in computers. I've also been working on three guns that I bought at a local auction a fortnight ago, although they really only needed tidying up and cleaning, which they all look the better for. I also bought a book on bayonets and a bronze age sword, which I think I've already told you about. I think I'm waffling now instead of doing some work, so will remedy matters by adjourning to the workshop. Sorry about the lack of photies. Wish you all a good day.


Tim said...

What browser are you using to access Blogger, Mike? I've found posting photos works best using Chrome.

Crowbard said...

I take it you refer to Frederich Wilhelm Hohenzollern (1882-1951) the eldest son of Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert von Preu├čen who abdicated on the 18th of November 1918. (although his abdication was unofficially announced on the 9th by Prince Max von Baden.)

Z said...

I've managed to adjust my Dutch clock so that it keeps perfect time now, I haven't altered it for a month. I'm so pleased to have it hanging now, thank you again.

Crowbard said...

Are you receiving me? Over!

Michael Horner said...

Hello Crowbard - receiving you. The couplet I quoted regarding the son of Prussia's eldest son is used in a verse somewhere, but presumably the line springs from the historic incident you quote ?????

Michael Horner said...

Hello Zoe. Glad the Dutch Clock is behaving itself. They can be quite good, reasonably accurate timekeepers. Try and remember the line (when regulating any pendulum clock) and regarding the pendulum bob :- 'slow it- down' 'speed it -up'.

Crowbard said...

Hi Mike, there is a line of similar style refering to the king of Iceland's eldest son in a poem of Hilaire Belloc:-
Godolphin Horne, Who was Cursed with the Sin of Pride, and Became a Boot-Black
Godolphin Horne was Nobly Born;
He held the Human Race in Scorn,
And lived with all his Sisters where
His Father lived, in Berkeley Square.
And oh! the Lad was Deathly Proud!
He never shook your Hand or Bowed,
But merely smirked and nodded thus:
How perfectly ridiculous!
Alas! That such Affected Tricks
Should flourish in a Child of Six!
(For such was Young Godolphin's age).
Just then, the Court required a Page,
Whereat the Lord High Chamberlain
(The Kindest and the Best of Men),
He went good-naturedly and took
A Perfectly Enormous Book
Called People Qualified to Be
Attendant on His Majesty,
And murmured, as he scanned the list
(To see that no one should be missed),
'There's William Coutts has got the Flu,
And Billy Higgs would never do,
And Guy de Vere is far too young,
And. . . wasn't D'Alton's Father hung?
And as for Alexander Byng!—. . .
I think I know the kind of thing,
A Churchman, cleanly, nobly born,
Come let us say Godolphin Horne?'
But hardly had he said the word
When Murmurs of Dissent were heard.
The King of Iceland's Eldest Son
Said, 'Thank you! I am taking none!'
The Aged Duchess of Athlone
Remarked, in her sub-acid tone,
'I doubt if He is what we need!'
With which the Bishops all agreed;
And even Lady Mary Flood
(So Kind, and oh! so really good)
Said, 'No! He wouldn't do at all,
He'd make us feel a lot too small.'
The Chamberlain said, ' . . . Well, well, well!
No doubt you're right . . . One cannot tell!'
He took his Gold and Diamond Pen
And Scratched Godolphin out again.
So now Godolphin is the Boy
Who blacks the Boots at the Savoy.

Michael Horner said...

Hello Crowbard. Yes, I think you've got it. All I could remember of that very useful line was - The King of ....'s eldest son said "thank you . I am having (taking ?) none".

Thank you.