Saturday, 24 September 2016


The above photos are more ipomieas, a good pub at Horningsea near Cambridge, where Ann and her three siblings (and partners) got together for a monthly lunch. I'd recommend the place once I can remember its name - good grub, excellent service, and not tooo expensive. On the way home, Ann was driving, I spotted part of a rainbow way up in the sky and on ts back, as best I can describe it. It was still visible when we got home, so I took the above photo of it. I expect there is a proper meteorological name for this sort of phenomena. Does any one know it please? P.s. I think the name of the pub is The Crown and Punchbowl?


Crowbard said...

Well spotted Mike, great photo. Inverted rainbows are more properly called circumzenithal arcs or Bravais arcs. They are fairly rare and generally make the News programs when they're spotted.
Rainbows result from sunlight refracting through raindrops, circumzenithal arcs result from sunlight being refracted through high altitude clouds of minute ice crystals.

Z said...

I've never seen a rainbow like that, it's remarkable.