Saturday, 17 September 2016

This morning we motored over to Martlesham, where there was an auction taking place. I always keep an eye on local auctions (you never know what might turn up); if there is just one interesting item I usually leave a bid on it, but there were several items which I quite liked at this one, and as I am really quite low on stock, we'd decided (after viewing some few days ago) that it would be worthwhile to attend this auction, which we did this morning and eventually purchased five lots, four of which I am pleased with, and the fifth was a book (which I've not read- it's about bayonets, and looks quite scholarly). Called at a garden centre on the way home, then a quick lunch, and out again to Scrabble Club. Usual three well fought games - modesty forbids me telling you who won (but only just) all three. The photos are of Polstead, which we visited about ten days ago. Good night, all.

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Lori Skoog said...

Mike and Ann...I have not been here in ages! Just caught up and your photos are gorgeous! So you got a new computer! It appears to me that you have mastered it. Nice to see Ruth and the girls. Boy! Have they grown up!
Sorry you two were not feeling well. Gary just went through a rough week with a very bad cough, lost his voice and ended up on antibiotics.
Thanks for checking in!