Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Yesterday we motored over to Wisbech to see our accountant, Elizabeth. We do this twice a year, the first time to take her the books, the second time to pick them up after she's passed them as being correct. She has been keeping me on the straight and narrow way (business wise) for the thick end of forty years now. We then drove to the Woolpack Inn, which is an hostelry between Wisbech and King's Lynn, where we met up with my old school friend, Roy, and his wife Janet. We shared a very good lunch there. We all had roast beef (grand beef it was, too, as Parson Woodford said) followed by jam rolly-polly pudding and custard. We all four of us had a drink with, and then coffee after, the meal; all of which set us back just over forty pounds, including the tip. These days that is really very good value for money. I think we'll make that a regular meeting and eating place. The above photo is of cottages at Polstead. Been a good, busy day - then spent an hour this evening helping next door's three boys take the wheels off an old bike, to build, they said, a 'go-cart'. They know I keep a fairly good range of tools so if they get stuck on that sort of job it's "Mike, do you have a wrench that would fit this, please ?" As there isn't a man about the place, I try and oblige, and have usually been able to help, so far. Bedtime now, I think, so Goodnight all.

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