Thursday, 22 September 2016


Very quick blog this evening. I think you'll soon be fed up with photos of the ipomeias ? But they're still flowering, and look like doing so until the first frost, and they are very photogenic. The other snap is of meself making up a jug of Pimms, back in august when we had friends coming for lunch. The photo is a bit misty because I'd left the camera in the car overnight and the lens got a bit damp. A tip I was given by my old (and now late) friend, John C.T. about making pimms was not to use lemonade as a mixer, but tonic water. It makes the pimms a bit less sweet, to its great advantage. Goodnight All.

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Crowbard said...

That is an excellent idea for Pimms Mike, although I am forbidden alcohol I find I do not enjoy the modern style of over-sweetening everything from gravy to dismissal. Plenty of salt and pepper, YOU'RE FIRED!, and belay the sugar and saccharine.