Tuesday, 5 January 2016


 This morning had to go into town to our local opticians to have my annual eye check up. Got there a bit early so sat and chatted to various acquaintance, swapping 'what we did over Christmas' stories'. Very pleasant too. Then went in to see the eye specialist, and all went well, until he looked at the x ray pictures he'd taken of the back of my eyes, as a totally new service they provide. Then his face dropped a bit, and he spotted something he wasn't very happy with, and decided he'd like to take more x ray pictures and have a think about matters. Would tomorrow be alright ? he asked.
     "Fraid not", I said. "I shall be in Long Melford all day tomorrow."
He couldn't make Thursday, so in the end we agreed on Friday morning.
"Now, don't worry about it" he said. "It's probably nothing much."  Those are the two silliest remarks (and the most frequent) that the medicos make.  Oh well, we'll see. Ann and I then decided (by way of cheering ourselves up) to go and have lunch in the above photographed hostelry, which has recently been opened by our friends Simon and Ros (the Cooks - yes, that is their surname, as well as their profession).  Went there soon after they opened, before Christmas,  and liked it.

Given the season, we decided on a light lunch to try and restore the intake to average, and Ann had the top plateful in the above photo, a duck pate, of some sort, with salad; and I had the plateful nearest the camera. Can't remember what it was called, but it was in fact a lamb shank, with the plate of vegetables shown in the centre of the above picture. Very good they both were, too.

Above shows Ann getting stuck into her light lunch. In view of our resolution, we decided against pudding, but did have coffee.   If you ever come to Highdale, and feel peckish, I'd recommend the place. It's the White Hart, and it's the first hostelry you'll see after coming off the by-pass; but that's only if you've forgotten to let the Horners know you're coming,  so haven't arranged to share their family fodder first.

Got an early start ack emma, so will bid you all a very Good Night.



Crowbard said...

Healing blessings on the aberrant optics Mike. Bardic vibes coming your way over the aether. (A bit like prayers, sometimes they help and they never do any harm.)

Nea said...

Looks like you've had a busy week. Any news on the eyes?

Z said...

Hope all is well xx

Mike and Ann said...

Dear Nea, Zoe, and Crowbard, further to my blog of 5th Jan; on Friday last, I paid another visit to my optician (at his request), when he did more X rays on the eyes, then told us that he suspected glaucoma on both eyes, and suggested that instead of my usual annual visit, I should pay my next visit in six months time, to see if things are getting any worse. Ann doesn't think he's too bothered about things. It came as a bit of a shock, as over the last few years, visits to the optician usually end with the optician complimenting me on my excellent eyesight "for my age" (which last bit I find unnecessary and mildly offensive). So that is where things stand, and I shan't know anything more for six months, unless things get worse inside that time, when I shall bother the gentleman further.
Ann joins me in sending love to you all.

Z said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear that. It's evidently been caught early, at least, but just waiting to see what happens must be rather worrying.

Crowbard said...

Continued blessings, Mike. Verbum sat sapienti.