Sunday, 24 January 2016


No, these are not 'Mystery Objects'. Just been sorting through some old photos, and came across these two. If anyone thinks they recognise them (and I think my offspring might if they  see this blog entry)  when do you think they were taken?

Been out to lunch today with friend Heather. When Heather 'phoned a week or two ago to invite us, she asked Ann if she thought I'd mind being the only bloke.  Ann said she thought I wouldn't, and how right she was. I don't think any man in his right mind would mind that. Anyway, in the end, the score turned out to be six ladies and meself.  A good time was had by all (except that I broke a wine glass - very embarassing!)    Hostess Heather behaved perfectly though, as she always does, bless her- that reads as if I break Heather's wineglasses regularly, and I didn't mean that at all, this was the first time I can remember doing it. Must try not to let it become a habit.


Ann's just gone up, so I suppose I'd better join her.
                    Good Night, everyone.


stigofthedump said...

During WWII I think.........I think that the top picture may be your baby brother and the bottom picture might be you? What a bonny pair! X

Crowbard said...

Glad you had a smashing time at Heather's ~
I suspect your first baby photo dates to about 1946
Not sure if the lower one is you (1989 since you are officially still 26)
or your first-born around 1966-ish ?

Mike and Ann said...

Sal - 50% right. Don't think I dare show your mother this reply - it is she, late in 1940/1941. You are right about the bottom picture; it is I - late in 1942.

Mike and Ann said...

Hi Crowbard. The first one is of Ann in 1940 - 1941.

The second picture is me.
P.s. Our first born - Sarah - was born in December of 1963.

Mike and Ann said...

P.s. Hi Sarah. In fact I can give an exact date for the picture of me, in that there is a pencilled date on the back dated 11th November, 1942.

Crowbard said...

Can't believe how similar Ann and I were back as babes, is that why you married her?
Hard to believe how much time has flown by since Stig was swaddled on the kitchen table at W.H. where I first saw her. Fond memories.

Nea said...

Can't believe Stig n Crow got this wrong.
I knew who and more or less when on both photos. Tuva identified you both too :)