Thursday, 14 January 2016


Very short blog entry, but must record that just after midday yesterday , for perfectly good reasons which I won't go into because it would spoil the story, I found meself telephoning home to Ann :-
"Hello Darling. I'm in Felsham Post Office. Where aught I to be?"

Shades of G.K. Chesterton?


Mike and Ann said...

Should perhaps end the story, though. After getting an exact address from Ann, the Post Mistress was able to tell me I was about four hundred yards from 'where I aught to be', directed me, drew me a map, and three minutes later I found the place. Been there several times before, but a series of 'Road Closed' signs and 'Diversion' signs had got me thoroughly 'discomknockerated'.

Crowbard said...

The Council & Highways Authority have no consideration for those paying council tax and buying road-fund licences.
Shouldn't worry though Mike, I can't recall ever being where I aught to be ~ can't imagine how I've avoided the chokey all these years ~

Margaret Brocklehurst said...

its even more disconcerting when you go upstairs, stand on the landing and then wonder why you are there!

Pat said...

...and if you are on your way up or down:)