Saturday, 9 January 2016


Above is a snapshot of Hilary, meself and Ann, taken by David Atkins. Hilary is, as you can see, at the same time taking a snapshot of David Atkins taking a snapshot of H..............Oh well, I'm sure you get the idea. We are in a nearby Golf Club, having the Christmas Lunch held annually by the Highdale Mothers' Union. I am there because all the Mothers are allowed (even expected) to take a partner. After all, if the mothers didn't have partners, they probably wouldn't have become mothers in the first place, although I'm told that it isn't altogether necessary to stick to the traditional methods these days, although I'm glad I'm a traditionalist. The meal is invariably traditional, though, and all the better for that- choice of roast beef or turkey, with all the tradional fixings. There were ten of us at our table, and we all know each other, so the conversation flowed like the wine. Although at one point I made a bit of a booboo, I'm afraid. The lady to Hilary's right is Ruth, who, although as well smitten in years as the rest of us, still continues (professionally) to do very complex (and quite exquisite) embroidery, so of course, I asked her what she'd been doing lately? "Oh", she said, "I'm afraid I've been spending rather too much time in Ladbroke's of late."  Now, this rather surprised me, because, although Ruth is a thoroughly sporting old darling, I wouldn't have thought she'd know one end of a horse from the other.
 "Ah", I said, by way of giving her a let-out if she needed it "And have you broken even, or have the bookies skinned you?"   This seemed to stop her in her tracks, and it became obvious that she was floundering.
"Tell you what, Ruth," I said  "Let's start this conversation again. Where did you say you'd been spending a lot of time lately?"
"I said, I've been spending a lot of time in Addenbrooke's of late. What did you think I'd said?"

So I told her, and she joined in the general laugh, bless her.

There are times when it's quite fun being deaf.


                                             Good night, Everyone.


Z said...

Haha! I'd been going to say something along the lines of me being all for traditional ways too, but the end of the post completely distracted me and I forgot what I meant to say.

Tim said...

Wars have been won and lost over less. "Send three-and-fourpence, we're going to a dance."

Crowbard said...

Lordy, Tim I've not heard that particular Chinese whisper since we advanced with reinforcements up the Khyber pass.

Pat said...

After my recent experience it is just too painful to read of your Christmas lunch:)

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. Welcome home. I've just been reading your blog entry about your Christmas trip. It sounds nightmarish! I suppose the ship wasn't sunk by pirates, and you got home safely, but that sounds about the best you can say of it.