Thursday, 21 January 2016


At about ten o'clock yesterday evening, whilst putting the car away, I realised there was a lovely clear moon. On Christmas day I realised there was a full moon and took a photograph of it which pleased me, which I thought was something of a fluke, so I got my camera and photographed last night's  moon, quite successfully I think, and using the same method as on Christmas day, except that I used the garden gate to keep the camera steady.

This morning we took the clock movement I illustrated on my previous blog back to its home, replaced it in its case, and set it going. The owner was pleased to have it back, and allowed Ann to photograph me with clock in situ,  to give some idea of what a tiny, but well proportioned clock it is.


On our way home we stopped and had lunch with friends Jill and Keith (fellow antique dealers). Bought from Keith a very nice eighteenth century brass chamber candlestick which needs a small amount of restoration (some of which I've done this evening - it's good to keep busy).

                                                   Good night everyone.


Liz said...

Nice moon photo! I noticed the splendid moon too, but lacked the enthusiasm for venturing outside with the camera.

Pat said...

Your side of the moon looks quite different to mine - but then it would wouldn't it- you being where you are?

Mike and Ann said...

Er........ I suppose so, Pat. But science isn't my long suit.

Crowbard said...

As I understand it Selene does not spin upon her axis but always shows the same face to all her earthly worshipers, darkness slowly passing across her face as she monthly turns her back upon the sun to gaze steadfastly at us. It is an error to confuse the unseen side of the moon with her dark side; and since all her aspects have now been viewed from space I suppose 'the unseen side of the moon' must be qualified as the side of the moon unseen from Earth.