Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Took this picture back in September. Don't know why I didn't publish it at the time - perhaps it  didn't fit in with the narrative of that day. Anyway, I think it's a lovely picture of Granny Annie being enthusiastically hugged by Great Granddaughter Astrid, so here it is now.

Been a busyish week so far, mainly getting things ready for today's Antique Fair at Long Melford. Much the same yesterday morning, but in the afternoon went into Ipswich to have a back tooth out. My own dentist didn't want to do the job because of the various medications I take for blood pressure and so on. He is a big custard and an utter wet!!  However I was eventually sent to a lady dentist in Ipswich who did the job with no trouble, little fuss and less blood. Ann was very impressed with her. So was I.

Today to Long Melford. Bought one or two bits, and sold a couple of guns, a sword and various bits and bobs.
Being called up to supper now, so Goodnight All.

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Crowbard said...

What a pair of charmers ~