Saturday, 12 December 2015


This morning we, together with friend Hilary, motored over to Hollow Trees Farm Shop (the restaurant) where we met up with Jill and Ruth) for breakfast, which was, as usual, excellent. We rather lingered over it catching up on all the news (gossip). Took a slight detour on the way home to take snapshots of flowers I spotted earlier in the week (but was unable to take photos then owing to the fact that I'd left my camera on the kitchen table. The top photo is of primroses in flower, and the lower one of daffodils/narcissi.  Hilary told me that the latter flowers were not daffs but Jonquils, which are known to flower early. I'm about to google Jonquils and if I find that Hilary is right (she usually is) I'll add to this blog entry and confirm (so more later, perhaps).

P.s. Hilary appears to be right that the above flowers are Jonquils. However, I've just been searching Google, and can get no answer to a query about early flowering. In fact the only reference to their flowering period states that they flower in late spring. It seems strange, therefore,  to see them in full flower in mid December. Any comments about the usual flowering period of Jonquils would be gratefully received.


Liz said...

I can claim no knowledge whatever regarding Jonquils. However, I can offer further proof that mother nature has got a bit confused as to the time of year. There are 4 trees at the end of my road which are currently covered in pretty pink blossom.

I'm glad to hear that the Hollow Trees breakfast was up to its usual standard. We had a (home made) late cooked breakfast for lunch today. It was yummy.

Crowbard said...

There was a brief item on the news today about the unseasonal warmth persuading all sorts of flowers to burgeon locally.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Liz. Thank you for your comment. In view of Crowbard's comment (he lives in the Midlands), it looks as if your observation, and mine, regarding the unseasonal behaviour of things flowering in December, are accurate, and nationwide. I take it that this is due to the very mild autumn we've been having. Long may it continue, say I, especially as we shall be officially in winter in a few days time. I don't think it can be a long one though unless temperatures drop rapidly in the near future.
Hope not, though.