Sunday, 27 December 2015


These four photos were all taken on Boxing day, when Sarah, her husband Mikey, their four children, and one grandchild, spent the day with us; as did our son, Jonathan, and his partner Jude. Lunch was a cold meal, consisting of cold meats, cooked by Ann, and carved and arranged by me. They consisted of baked gammon, sausages in sliced bacon, and roast turkey breast. There was also roast vegetables, salad, and a large cheese board. Together with puddings, and fruit. As our table couldn't take eleven of us, everyone was given a plate, and expected to help themselves, which they did, and find somewhere to sit and eat. Actually things organised themselves to some extent, in that the teenagers took over the kitchen, and the adults gravitated through to the sitting room. The baby, great granddaughter Astrid, seemed to be able to go where the pickings were richest. As she doesn't yet walk, or crawl to any extent, I'm still not sure how she managed this - probably hitched lifts from whoever was going for refills.

Above shows senior daughter Sarah, with three of her four, left to right, Lucy, Guy, and Sophie.

Above is Guy ensconced in a corner of the kitchen, and obviously feeling that he's made a good choice of venue, and is about to make a good choice of provender.

Sarah took the above snapshot of Ann and meself, the senior generation.  It was a very pleasant day, enjoyed by all (certainly by us).


Sir Bruin said...

You are both looking god, if I may so. Belated Yuletide greetings to you.

Mike and Ann said...

You are a man of taste and discernment, Sir B. Greetings to you and your lady, and best wishes for the New Year. Warm Regards from Mike and Ann.

Lori Skoog said...

Your dinner looks beautiful and it's nice to see you two in the last photo. Happy New Year!

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Lori. Happy New Year to you and Gary.
P.S. Like the new photograph heading of your blog. It's a lovely portrait of both you and Abbe.

Nea said...

Glad you had a good Christmas. Sorry we couldn't be with you.
Love pooh

Mike and Ann said...

The loss, Tinky, was entirely ours.