Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Day.

Christmas Day. Went to Family Communion in Aldham Church, this morning. Took the above photo from the car. A farmhouse we've always admired. The Church was nearly full, and about fifteen children, with their parents, and grandparents, which was nice. Then home to lunch, picking up our lunch guest, Sylvia, on the way. Excellent lunch, then coffee/tea in the sitting room, until the Queen's speech at three p.m.  Then ran Sylvia home, about four p.m.

This evening I went out to check the car before locking up, and realised (remembered) it was a full moon on Christmas day, so went and got the camera and took the above photo. Thin clouds driving across the moon  ( west wind), but the photo was reasonably clear. Pleased with it.

                                         Good Night, Everyone.



Lori Skoog said...

Such a beautiful photo of the moon! I Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

Crowbard said...

That photo is excellent Mike, on a par with your beautiful versification. Astronomically informative whilst full of eldritch portent and lustrous serenity. Daughter Jess was telling me they had watched a lunar transit of the international space station the other night, seeing it quite clearly with unaided vision.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Lori and Gary. Yes, it's been a very pleasant Christmas. Quiet on Christmas Day, and a full, family day today (Boxing Day). Eleven of us sat down to lunch. All family, and four generations of us. A very satisfying day. They've all gone home bar Darby and Joan.
Wish you both a very good New Year. Mike and Ann.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you,Crowbard. Much love to you and yours, and a Happy New Year to All.

Nea said...

That's a cool picture of the moon, it's really difficult to keep the camera steady on a shot like that.
We had a good view of it too, but we didn't attempt to photograph it. Well done.
Love pooh

Mike and Ann said...

I set the lens to its maximum exposure (that's a technical term - swank- it means I cranked it out as far as it would go), then I clamped the camera to the top of our car (which was parked) with one hand, found the moon (which fortunately was standing still at the time) and pressed the button with the other hand. Rather to my surprise it worked. Who says Grandpa Horner knows nothing about high tech photography ? Well they're right, I don't. But I'm a great believer in the occasional bit of luck.