Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Been waffling lately about the number of unusual wildflowers to be seen in bloom in mid December; so, just for a change here are some garden flowers that are at present in bloom in the garden. Above, in a small, raised bed in the centre of our garden is a group of primula of different colours that we planted some few months ago, and which are still in full  flower. In the ground beneath them are tulip bulbs, which next March should give us a bed full of scarlet tulips.

Realised, yesterday evening, that growing over a low wall, is a clump of dianthus (carnation) which is still trying to flower. Took a shot in the dark, which flashed, and worked. Must check in the morning if they have scent.


I've shown pictures of this building before. It is our 'Row Chapel'. It was built, circa 1450, to serve the inhabitants of a nearby row of Almshouses, which it still does. This morning at eleven o'clock a service of nine lessons and carols was held in the Row Chapel. It was full to capacity, which turned out to be 52 people. No one could remember it ever being so full, and we all sang lustily (and were served mince pies and mulled wine after the Service).

 Below is a photo of  part of the row of Almshouses which the Chapel was built to serve. These, however, were largely rebuilt in the 1870s. It's nice that both the Alms Houses and the Chapel are still serving their original purpose.

                                                      Good Night All.


Crowbard said...

I didn't know they had PVC double-glazing in 1450 ? I'm not even sure alms houses had glass in the windows then. (Unless they were provided by a very generous benefactor).

Pat said...

I have daffodils and primroses just now. Warm air from the Azores I believe.
I'm going that way for Christmas - hope it lasts:)

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. Daffs and Primroses before Christmas!!!!! Incredible! We hope you have a warm Christmas in the Azores (or wherever); and a good New Year, during which, if you come East, please call and see us; and if we come West, we'll let you know.
Love, Mike and Ann.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. Ref domestic glazing in the fifteenth century. I'm sure the Row chapel would probably have had glazed windows then. As I said, the Almshouses have been largely rebuilt (mid/late 19th century) but I wouldn't think there'd have been much glazing in Almshouses then.

Don't forget that, in the last month we've seen two South Suffolk Churches with XIV th/ XV th Century stained glass windows. And there are several known Romano/British domestic buildings that are known to have had glazed windows.

We wish you both a Good Christmas and New Year.

Crowbard said...

Bless you and Ann and all your wide-spread family, Mike.
We wish you and the whole World Love, Joy and PEACE now and always.