Tuesday, 30 June 2015


 I think that Crowbard and Rog have sorted out my problem regarding the folding blunderbuss for me. Above is a photo of the nearside of the blunderbuss with the belt hook showing. The belt hook looks (and works) like an enlarged fountain pen clip.

                                                   Picture 2.
This picture shows your blogger with the gun clipped to his belt, and folded so the whole weight hangs below the belt. I got a bit muddled when putting this blog entry together. Pictures four and  three go together, and show the gun, straight, hanging from my belt, then covered by my raincoat; the whole thing looking (and feeling) very bulky, with only the top button done up.
                                                   Picture 3.

                                                   Picture 4.
                                                   Picture 5.

Pictures two and five, showing the gun folded (2) and clipped to my belt; and then with the gun in the same position with my raincoat over it, completely buttoned.  It works well, and as Crowbard remarks, it only works  well when supported by the belt hook, and the gun folded.


                                                                 Thank you, gentlemen, it's always interesting to experiment with these devices, and find out how they were meant to work; during the (usually) short time that they are in my possession.



Crowbard said...

Shouldn't you include the standard warning, Mike?
Now don't try this at the airport children, your flight may be delayed.

Pat said...

The photos with the gun attached to you look exceedingly dangerous.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. Thank you for your concern. I'm not loaded, or anyway, the gun isn't.

Crowbard said...

I bet you've swashed a few buckles in your time Mike!