Friday, 12 June 2015


Yesterday at about ten thirty in the morning we set off and motored over to Bury Saint Edmund's to meet up (for lunch) with Ann's middle brother David and his wife Jo. The snap shot above is of Bildeston. There are lots of half timbered houses in Bildeston, and a nice Church about a mile out of the village.

As we approached Bury, and as we were running well ahead of time, we turned off towards a village we didn't remember exploring. It had a rather, over tidy,  well organised 'estate village' look to it. Not very interesting until we came to the above small building in the middle of the village street (?).
"What is it says Ann?"   "Not sure" says I, "but if it's what I think it is, there should be a small door in it".

We found the door in the other side of the building, so I felt justified in telling Ann I thought it was a well- head. It was built of Tudor (or just pre -Tudor) brick, probably in about 1480 to 1520, and would have been the superstructure to the village well. I know of another one in the North of Suffolk, probably slightly later, but not on show (it stands in the back garden of a row of cottages). I came across it around 1965, and at that time it was still in use to water the cottage gardens.

Took the above photo of  a 'striped rose' this evening. It is a Ferdinand Pichard.

Took the above photo at about eight this evening. I know I frequently show snapshots of 'a corner of the garden'  but I took this one to show how small our garden really is. I still find it surprising just how much can be made of a tiny area of garden.

Good Night Everyone, which sounds like Uncle Mac (and I don't think many of my readers will remember him - I can only just remember him meself). His 'catch phrase' was  "Goodnight Children........Everywhere."


Tim said...

I do remember Uncle Mac! Though I never knew his real name until now, when I googled him and found

I used to listen to Children's Favourites every Saturday in the hope of hearing 'Sparky's Magic Piano'.

Rog said...

Amazing what you uncover in the by-ways of our tiny island Mike.

I remember Derek McCulloch - is he still doing the late show on Radio Neasden? "Sparky's Magic Piano" was always on after "I'm a pink toothbrush"

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Tim. Nice to hear from you; and thank you for the information regarding Derek McCulloch.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Rog. It never ceases to amaze me what there is to discover along our lanes and by-ways. It's sometimes difficult though to chase up information on them.