Monday, 15 June 2015


Above photo shows (once again) a corner of our garden. Today we motored over to Ely to have lunch with some of Ann's siblings and partners. And if any of my readers comment that this chap Horner seems to spend more of his working days socialising than in his workshop, then I'm afraid that I have to agree with you. Still............. nice to take it easy occasionally.

Before we left though I took this photo through our kitchen window, and if you look at the middle pane of glass you should be able to see a couple of goldfinches through it.

 In the above photo, taken just as we were beginning lunch, the chap in the middle is Ann's senior brother. In a few day's time he will be celebrating his eightieth birthday - they are a long lived family.

Got one of the waitresses (they are all very helpful and obliging ladies) to take the above photo of the six of us present; David (Ann's middle brother) and his wife Jo had to cry off this morning - their Granny-sitter let them down. The usual excellent meal at the Fire Engine House was enjoyed by all.

Took the above snap of the Cathedral from the front door of the restaurant, looking left.

One of the things I love about Ely is that, from the city centre, the surrounding countryside can be seen. Come to think of it the same thing can be said about Bury Saint Edmund's.
The party broke up just after three pip emma. Ann and I then combed the Waterside Antique Centre (the clue is in the name - it is down by the riverside). Found and purchased a couple of pieces.  Then motored home, arriving here at about six.

Will try and get some work done tomorrow morning. In the afternoon I've got to go and look at a poorly long case clock just over the Essex border. (I'm not sure if the clock is really poorly or if it's just swinging the lead to annoy its owner - we'll see).

Been a nice relaxed day - Goodnight All.


Z said...

I think that taking time off from work for socialising is an excellent use of time. I don't do it anywhere near enough.

Tim said...

My goodness - when I saw Ann's brother in the picture, for a moment I thought it was me!! We're very alike facially (though not sartorially...)

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Z. That's reassuring. I think we all have that work ethic that the Americans call W.A.S.P. - white, Anglo Saxon protestant.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Tim. Yes, noticed that likeness when we met at Zoe's blog meet three or four years ago. The real difference is not sartorial, but size. Ann's brother is a small, wiry type, and I don't think those terms could be fairly applied to you.

Mike and Ann said...

P.s. Tuesday. 7.45p.m. Ref the long case clock mentioned, dealt with it this afternoon. It was going well when we left; don't think it was really poorly, or swinging the lead much; but I suspect it had been teasing its owner a bit (he'd been trying home treatment on it, to which it had replied 'Shan't !', possibly followed by 'So There!')