Saturday, 27 June 2015

Saturday (2).

Let's try again. This started on Thursday when Ann answered our 'phone and a Germanic sounding voice said , "Ann, Zis is Benjamin, und my grandfarser has asked me to England  to telephone, and tell you he there is, and may he come and you and Mike to visit?"  I don't think I can keep up this German accent, it too much like is to 'Allo 'Allo........ and not only that but it's catching, so I think I'd better to my standard English revert.  I must also go back forty years to the mid seventies when the male voice choir with which I sung basso profundo was asked to go and stay with the Detmold Police Choir in Germany, and with the assistance of the 'Blues and Royals' military band (who were then stationed in Detmold) give a series of concerts (I seem to remember that at the time this was to help, support, and generally encourage our entry into the Common Market).  Ann and I were billetted with Friedhelm, the above photographed gentleman, and his late wife Karen. He too sung basso profundo, but with a wider range than I ever had. To cut things short we took to each other, became firm friends, and have remained in contact ever since. As far as I'm concerned it was about the only good thing, so far, to have come out of the Common Market idea.

The above photo is of his present partner, Erika, His wife Karin having died some years ago.

Above is Ann in her usual corner.

The two of them turned up about one o'clock today, and we partook of a salad and cold meats lunch (but with hot boiled new potatoes, which always seems to me to turn a cold-meats lunch into a hot lunch) followed by fruit and then cheese.
We hadn't seen Friedhelm for  two or three years, so catching up using his eleven words of English, and my seven German words, took a long time, but was thoroughly enjoyable. Ann took the above photo just before they left at about four thirty. Isn't it odd that with some friends, even after a long gap, the threads can be picked up immediately in a very relaxed manner?

By the way (if any of my family are reading this) as he was leaving Friedhelm asked me to give his very warm regards to all of you, naming you all by name, and in order of seniority.  He really is a good chap.


Z said...

How lovely to have a friendship last all those years, despite distance and lack of a common language.

Nea said...

Wie geht's Peter und Manfred?

Crowbard said...

Kindred spirits sharing life's journey via differing routes.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Nea. Peter has married again and lives in a small town a few miles from Detmold.
Manfred is now living in the house that Friedhelm built, and Friedhelm is now living next door in his mother's old house. His mother (Omer) died a few years ago at the age of ninety seven. The boys have aged at much the same rate as you, their contemporaries so that Peter is now in his mid fifties and Manfred is a few years younger. Friedhelm is now seventy eight. Mama has just come down to the cellar, and sends her love, as, of course, do I - to all of you.

Lori Skoog said...

I love meeting new people and keeping in touch. Did not know you were a singer on top of everything else! Great photos.