Thursday, 25 June 2015


Been a busy week - so far. On Monday we motored to London, Stayed at youngest daughter, Lizzies. On Tuesday we viewed Sotheby's forthcoming Arms and Armour auction. On Wednesday we returned to Sotheby's auction room and bid (reasonably successfully). Took a taxi back to Lizzie's, supped with them, then loaded the car, and drove home. Good night's sleep, then at midday today we drove over to Bures. It's a pretty village on Suffolk's border with Essex.  It's an odd thing - hadn't been to Bures for some years, then had to go there last week to look at a poorly clock; then again this week to go to a funeral of a  friend of ours. He was a big, burly, cheerful, and very successful business man. He died unexpectedly a month or so before his sixtieth birthday.

Should leave that last sentence to speak for itself. Can't think of anything very deep and meaningful  to add - except that life can be very surprising - as can death.

                                 Good Night All.

P.s.    Should have said that the photos were taken at  Bures and Nayland.

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