Saturday, 30 May 2015

Saturday (1).

                                           Answer to Wednesday's Mystery Object.

The above photo shows the answer to Wednesday, 27th May's Mystery Object. It is made from a small burr from a silver birch tree, and is not (as I had at first thought) a toy or drinking bowl for a small child, but a drinking bowl for an older person (possibly the aforesaid child's grandparent) to swig vodka or aqua vita from.  I have checked this answer with several expert collectors/dealers in Scandinavian treen and they are unanimous in their reply that it is a drinking bowl from which to imbibe spirits.


Crowbard said...

Must admit I had Kuksas and Kupilkas in mind when you told us it was silver birch but without the traditional handle I thought salt or porridge to be its most probable contents. May I have half a point for getting close to the right age please?

Rog said...

You can have half a pint Mr Crowbard!

Crowbard said...

Cheers Rog! Your very good health Sir.