Saturday, 30 May 2015

Saturday (2).

All today's photos are of the feasting and revelry at the event known (certainly in East Anglian Blogging Circles) as the event of the year :- Zoe's Blogmeet, where her family, blogfriends, and livestock met for the FIFTH annual Blogmeet.

Above - parent and child (I know - it is impossible to tell which is which !).

Above - Zoe's son and his wife, who were married last year.

If you look between the two large  jars you should be able to discern two small tortoises.

Above - fully grown tortoise - Edwina.

Party beginning to assemble at table,  to partake of the quite superb refreshments.

Above is Bobbie, who, about a hundred years ago attacked a member of the household somewhere in the colonies. He was interrupted by an uncle of Zoe's, who proceeded  to dipatch the big cat. He  (the cat) was, strangled, stuffed, mounted, and has lived (?) on the landing ever since. I suppose a good many households have similar family legends, but Bobby seems to fit rather well into this one (household, that is).

                                         Once again, Zoe, and indeed everyone who helped, our sincere thanks for a lovely day. Long may it annually recur!


Liz said...

What a splendid afternoon it was.

Rog said...

I loved being greeted by a professional Barista and giant coffee machine on arrival!
Good to see your healthy appetite is going strong Mike ;-)

Mike and Ann said...

It was indeed, Liz - Great fun.

Z said...

Thank you for coming (and for the delicious food). Bobbie has always lived on a landing, but not always that one - I went past him on my way upstairs to bed every night as a child, so I'm very fond of him.

Pat said...

It looks a lot of fun, Fascinating tale of the wild beast and what incredibly small tortoises.