Monday, 11 May 2015


 Took these photos in our small garden last Saturday morning. As you can see in the first two photos we have roses in bloom (a few days later than last year). A couple of years ago it was possible to buy miniature rose bushes on garage forecourts. We were given several of these, and when they'd done flowering indoors we put them out in the borders, where, in season, they continue to flower, and these two are our earliest flowering roses this year.  Have you ever noticed, by the way, that when we say a thing happened 'a year or two ago', if we're in a position to check, it's almost invariably at least twice that time?

The aquilegia (Grannie's bonnets or nightcaps) are really blooming nicely now. We cut them back hard last year but it doesn't seem to have discouraged them this year.

 Above and below pictures are of alpines in our rockery.

And lastly, after giving us a good show, our tulips are nearly past their best.

Got to go now. Ann tells me Sarah is on the 'phone, wanting to discuss last Saturday's Telegraph Prize Crossword.
Good Night All.

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