Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Photograph of our back roof late this afternoon.

Photograph of our back roof as it was on Monday afternoon.

In the early evening yesterday, something dreadful occurred in our town. We heard a good deal of activity, ambulance, helicopter, etc,  going on about a quarter of a mile away. Then Ann took a 'phone call from a friend of ours, Gloria, who lives very near to the incident. It concerned a  young married couple who we know quite well - haven't seen so much of them as we used, as they're very busy these days, both working, and raising a family of three young children. The youngest, who is a three year old girl, had been knocked over by a car, and rushed into hospital. This morning at early service we were informed that the child had died shortly after reaching Ipswich Hospital.  She was a lovely, bright little girl. There are no words for this one.
We were asked at the end of the morning service to pass the word  that at  6p.m. there would be  a service at the Church where the family worshipped (the U.R.C), to pray for that family. We went to the service, as did sixty or seventy others. And, once again - words were inadequate.
Should perhaps add, in fairness, that the driver of the car, a local man, was also taken to Ipswich Hospital later yesterday evening, suffering from shock.


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Liz said...

I read about that accident on BBC local news website last night and it is in today's paper too. Very sad indeed.

As you say, there are no words.