Monday, 2 June 2014


Spent today getting things ready for the antique Fair at Long Melford. Pricing, last minute polishing, etc. The above and below photographs were taken via the near side car window, last week, when driving through Newton Green. The picture above shows a rather higgledy-piggledy group of old cottages at the side of the green.

The above photographed house always interests me. The main house is of eighteenth century red brick. An extension was built in 1802, and this was commemorated by putting the date into the red brick end wall in the currently fashionable (but expensive)  'white bricks'. In this area we decorated brickwork from early Tudor times onwards, usually with geometric patterns in 'burnt' bricks, and this is an effective form of decoration. The above cottage is the only one I know where a date has been built into the brick work (and in White bricks!!!). If not unique (which I think it might be) it is a very unusual form of decoration. I'd be pleased to know of any others, dear readers.  

Must knock off now - I've promised Ann a post-supper (which we've just had) game of scrabble.

                                    Good Night, everyone.


Pat said...

I hope Ann id better at defeating you than I am.

Mike and Ann said...

Hi Pat. You are both perfectly capable of defeating me. Ann probably does so rather more than you, in that she knows my game a bit better.