Thursday, 26 June 2014


Been a busy week so far:-

On Monday motored to London.
On Tuesday, viewed Sotheby's Arms and Armour Sale.
On Wednesday, bid at Arms and Armour sale (reasonably successfully - six lots).
Should add- stayed at daughter Lizzies, just off Chiswick High Street. Granddaughter Georgia cooked evening meal both evenings. She is due to bear our first Great Grandchild in a fortnight's time, and looks very well on it. We gave her lunch at a small restaurant near the saleroom on Wednesday, before the auction - well- before any of the lots in which I was interested were due to come up. The head Porter, Clive, had very kindly reserved Ann and I two seats in the front row, where I could hear nicely.

Driving home on Wednesday evening saw the above cloud formation (which had improved itself by the time I took the second picture, below).

Took the below picture this morning.

Must get on now - got some goodies to clean and a small amount of repair work to do.


Rog said...

Last two pics look like strawberry & cream!

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Rog. Yes; I can see what you mean.

Z said...

Tim had a picture of a similar unusual cloud (or maybe vapour trail) formation on his blog. You're nowhere near each other, how unusual they look.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Z. I've just had a look at Tim's blog for Wednesday. I think they're part of the same cloud formation. Tim posted his on Wednesday - so did I, and I took the photos from the car (Ann was deriving) coming home from London on the M25 (near junctions 24/25, and looking towards the North West - not too far from Tim.
Quod erat demonstrandum ?

Crowbard said...

And what did Ann derive from the photos, Mike?

Or will points be deducted for mention of typographical misdirection?

Mike and Ann said...

Mr Crowbard, Sir :-
'driving' X 100.

Crowbard said...

Sorry Mike, you probably noticed I'm doing it more frequently myself, but it still tickles my funny bone when it alters the intended meaning.
Rog makes me think I should take up a gentler occupation such as being a gnome on a sundial... but only if sunshine is guaranteed!