Friday, 6 June 2014


All three of these photos were taken on my new camera. The first two are for the benefit of Crowbard, as they are, I think rather better pictures than I put up the other day, of very small flowers at the base of a bonsaied yew tree. They are, I think different plants, the top one has double pink flowers with 'striped' petals, slightly over a quarter of an inch diameter. The lower picture has single pink petals, the flowers being just under a quarter of an inch diameter. I think they are probably some sort of alpine, Crowbard.

Took the above photo, a selfie (as we youngsters say) in the garden, just before setting off for the    
( unexpected) commemoration service of a friend of ours.


Crowbard said...

Hi Mike & Ann,
Jude and I are fairly certain the single flowers are Gentians. There are many varieties and we can't find an exact match.

We haven't been able to identify the double flowers, is there an aromatic odour when you crush a leaf?
Luv frum Uz

Crowbard said...

we think your double stripy petaled plant may be a variant of Veronica alpina (alpine Speedwell)

Crowbard said...

Whilst both Speedwells and Gentians are, as you remarked, famous for their blue colouration, they are less commonly found in pink and white varieties.

Rog said...

I suspect that half of them are Gentians and the other half are Ladians.