Friday, 9 May 2014


You'll probably have noticed that there are no pictures (pretty or otherwise) with this blog entry. This is because, once again, my camera. or the system, seems to be reluctant to print them. So I intend to carry on publishing the occasional, but unillustrated, blog entry until I can persuade the machinery to accept pictures again.  Been a fairly busy week; the highlight was the Long Melford antique fair, which was reasonably  successful. Sold quite  well, and had two items brought into the fair, which I was able to purchase - a military English percussion pistol, and a 1796 pattern light cavalry sabre in its scabbard. Some work to be done on the pistol, and the sword could do with a light clean. Keith and Jill  Pinn called this afternoon, and had  tea with us. Jill purchased a snuff box and sold me a very nice chip carved, fruitwood  watch holder (dated, in the carving, 1758). Probably Welsh.
  Even better is that, at long last, the roof repairs seem to be starting. A young neighbour (a professional roofer, whose work I have seen - and admired) is prepared to take the job in hand. Comes well recommended - we shall see.
About to climb the wooden hill to Bedfordshire now, so will bid you all a very Good Night.


Rog said...

Let's hope it isn't raining in Bedfordshire!

Good news on roof - I would have consulted the trade directory "What Tiler?"

(Perhaps he's the bloke who led the pedant's revolt.)

Mike and Ann said...

Do you mean the pheasants' revolve?

Mike and Ann said...

Because, if so, Rog, you really should not try to confuse the elderly even further.

Crowbard said...

I always thought the 'Cocks & Horses' was a pleasant revolve, in a round-about sort of way!!

Mike and Ann said...

I think perhaps you're being a little (f)unfair there young Crowbard. Or am I being a little

Crowbard said...

Fairest of the pundits art thou, Oh my brother. Further punning might over-copiously push the boat out in an excessive quantity of quaint quanting - or have I become confused 'twixt punning and punting? You know me Mike, always barging into deep waters.