Sunday, 25 May 2014


 After a completely normal Sunday morning, we spent a most unexpected Sunday afternoon. Immediately after lunch the gasman cameth (a quote there somewhere, I think, or more probably, looking at it, a misquote) and put our central heating to rights in about ten minutes flat, which left the afternoon free. Where would you like to go? asks Ann, and as she said she had no preference in the matter I said that as it was the last Sunday in the month what about the antique fair near Rougham?  I thought Ann looked at me a bit slantendicular, but she agreed.  A few miles up the road  memory finally kicked in and I said "Er, do you remember what I said after the last time we went to this fair ?"
"Yes" said Ann. "It was on the lines of - Never Again !!!!!".   So then we discussed the matter a bit further and decided to go to Sudbury, where I had been tipped off  that there was a percussion musket for sale in an 'antique shop' window, so thither we went, and found that this much was true. The shop was closed, but I could see quite as much as I wanted of the musket, which had been made in India about thirty years ago - so much for the 'Antique' part.  Ann then said that she'd never shown me the Garden centre and coffee bar in Great Cornard, that she and friend Sue had discovered. So off we went again, and had very pleasant tea/coffee (one of each) and scones, followed by a look round the garden centre, where I bought Ann a rather striking Dianthus plant (Dianthus Starburst, I think) which I've forgotten to illustrate, but will tomorrow, if I remember.  Today's photos are of Suffolk lanes and cottages.
 As I said at the beginning - an unexpected, but in the end, very pleasant, afternoon out.

                                     Goodnight All.


Pat said...

The unexpected ones are the best.
Re quote: my failing memory recalls 'The Iceman cometh.'
But I could be wrong.

Mike and Ann said...

P.s. Ref Dianthus 'Starburst' for promised illustration see next blog entry (Monday).

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Pat. Yes, I think it must have been the iceman I was thinking of. I always say I don't think there's anything wrong with my memory as such. It's just that the retrieval system sometimes takes a while to work these days.