Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday 2.

Earlier today I was allowed to examine the above and below photographed weapon, and realised it would make rather a good            MYSTERY OBJECT.

It is not a rifle, but a smooth bored gun, much the same size bore as a modern .410.  It is well made, and well decorated.

It was made with a quite specific target in mind, which I hope you will be able work out from the illustrations.

I have withheld one photograph, which is of the date that the gun was made. I hope you will be able to work out the purpose of the gun, its lock type, where it was made (roughly), and the date at which it was made.

After I had given it a light clean  this afternoon, it is now back with its appreciative owner.

                                                Good Night, and Good Guessing.


Tim said...

Pigeons? Seagulls? In either case, where can I buy one please?

Crowbard said...

Hi Mike,
is that a wheel-lock birding gun of about 1560, possibly of Spanish manufacture? (although the technology originated in Germany and developed in Eastern Europe, I believe.)

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Tim. I don't know where you can buy a pigeon or a seagull; but if you are asking where to buy a gun like this, the answer is Sotheby's, Christie's, or Bonham's. If what you want, however, is a gun to shoot pigeons or seagulls, I'd recommend a .22 air rifle - quicker to reload. Hope this helps.

If it's an answer to the question of what's the gun for - then you are quite right. I'll probably put the definitive answer regarding the date of the piece on screen this evening.

Crowbard said...

There used to be a gun-maker called Crosman who designed a .22 compressed carbon-dioxide powered rifle that used 'sparklet' soda-syphon bulbs as a power source. you got about 50 shots per bulb and they had very much more range and accuracy than the BSA .22 air-rifle - completely devoid of recoil!
Just googled it - Crosman's own CO2 bulbs are 44p each. The Crosman 2250 'Ratcatcher' model .22 CO2 gas Rifle can be had for £130 from

Mike and Ann said...

Crowbard - if they really do have more power than a .22 air rifle, isn't there a strong chance that a part one firearm certificate is required to use them? which I believe is NOT the case with a standard B.S.A. air rifle? I think a check with your local Police Firearms department might be in order.

Crowbard said...

Sorry Mike,
the ten commandments were too difficult for me; modern law is a total nightmare, I'm still trying to drum up enough enthusiasm to covet my neighbour's ox and I certainly don't covet his ass - with or without a part 1 firearms certificate!

Mike and Ann said...

Please see the blog entry for Sunday 1st of June, for the answers.