Friday, 30 May 2014


We spent yesterday at Lambeth Palace, with a group from Bury Saint Edmund's Cathedral, and at the invitation of a friend of ours who is a retired Canon of the Cathedral.  Lambeth Palace is a glorious mish mash of periods and restorations.  It dates, we were told , from the 1300s (or even a little earlier in parts). In the mid 1600s a large group of Cromwell's troopers were quartered in the Palace, as were their horses. After the dilapidations from this visit were put right, it was decided (around 1830) that the Palace needed to have a more medieval look, so, to achieve  this, a large area of real medieval buildings were pulled down, and then replaced with very grand looking stone buildings.  A while after this was completed Hitler's Luftwaffe had a shot at seeing what they could do to improve the Palace's appearance. It's still a fascinating place to spend a day -there's even a museum of gardening to look round, as well as a very interesting garden. It needs more than a day to begin to appreciate it.
It was, though, a most informative day.  I'm only sorry that my camera is going to have to be replaced, so I missed the opportunity of taking some good photos.


Z said...

I went to Lambeth Palace with a Nadfas group when it was first opened to the public and also found it interesting - as you say, needs time to give it justice and I should go again.

Regarding your post of a week ago (sorry, only just catching up), my fishmonger sometimes has jellied eels, though I don't know if they're English ones, now I think about it. I'm also fond of smoked eel, which I first tasted in Holland when I was a small child. There's an eel trap at the one-time water mill just down the road from us, not that it's in working order now.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Z. As you say I think any important building needs time to do it justice, and there still many others left to see.