Sunday, 18 May 2014


Hectic day yesterday. Just before nine a.m. we picked up Hilary and motored over to our favourite farm shop for breakfast. Joined John and Gloria, Ruth, and Jill, so seven of us. Lovely breakfast (as always there) and bright, breezy conversation. After breakfast, all did a little shopping at the very well stocked farm shop, then back to Highdale. The roads in town were chocker (i.e. chock or choke full, Lori), because it was the day of the Highdale Agricultural Show.  I'm afraid I didn't even take my camera, as my computer still flatly refuses to publish pictures on the blog.  The show was as good as usual, except that one or two of the stewards seemed to be chucking their weight about as to who could go where, and by which route. One in particular (a young woman ) appeared to be in training to become a Nazi Traffic Warden!!!!!  Oh well, all in all, it was a very interesting morning, and we purchased one or two bits (including a workshop cardigan for me).  At two p.m., having snatched a bite to eat at the fair, we went to our usual Scrabble Club. Won the first game. Hilary won the second (on our table, that is).
Walked home just after four. All the town seemed to be walking to their respective homes at that point - a good, but tiring day.  My apologies about the lack of photos.  I'll keep working on it (but, at the moment, I'm afraid, the computer is winning - the idle beast!).

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