Wednesday, 19 February 2014


 Having said in yesterday's blog entry that eight kinds of flower were in bloom in our patch of garden, I went out this morning, recounted them............and I was wrong! There are in fact NINE sorts of flower in bloom. I had missed the above perrywinkle!
 Above is a tiny daff, which is showing colour.
 Above and below are crocii.

Above and below are two hellebore. These flowers invariably hang their heads in a shy manner, and to get the full effect of them, you have to take them by the neck (gently!!!) and turn them face up - a very two handed job of photography.
Just to set the record straight.........

                                              Good Night.


Crowbard said...

Hi Mike,
I just faked up a bit of Geoff Chaucer to literarilly prove your garden is a bit previous!

Whan thou shalte in thy garthen see nones fleures of varietee
Thanne hath Mars the Ram alle hys course in heaven y-ranne.
Ande soote shoures of Aprille flow to cleanse alle garths of auld Hiem’s snowe.
To fynde such fleures makith maidens daunce, emboldened swaines tak uppe theyre chaunce
And pressing bussments prettilye fondeley embraceth he and she.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Crowbard. There's one more than I realised. Ann's reminded me that the japonica is in blossom.