Tuesday, 18 February 2014


 Had to nip into town this morning, but apart from that been a very relaxed day (spent mainly in the workshop). However, the sight of these irises in flower in the garden this morning made me count how many different kinds of  flower are in bloom at the moment; and there are EIGHT !  They are :- snowdrops, crocii, daffodils, hellebore, irises, pansies, primula (of four different colours), and Army and Navy plant.  Pretty good for mid February. In fact, I think spring is more or less imminent.
Above is a snapshot of the school playing fields beyond our garden, and  car park.

And this is what I was working on today. I've shown one before as a mystery object, it is a chamber candlestick complete with dowser and snuffers. It is an unusually early type, English, and dating from circa 1750 to 1780. Had to do quite a lot of restoration on it - it was falling apart.
Ann has just informed me that I have four minutes to get upstairs, cleaned up, and ready for supper;
                                                                   So, Goodnight All.

P.s.  Must reopen this to report that supper was well worth the gallop.

P.p.s. Consisting, as it did, of a hearty beef casserole, followed by apple and figgy fool.


Rog said...

Dowser & Snuffer sound like a venerable firm of solicitors

Mike and Ann said...

Yes, like the respectable old firm of Grabbit and Runn.

Z said...

We haven't got any daffodils yet, not even the early species ones, but there were lots in bloom as I drove to Hampstead today.

My parents used to know a doctor (or possibly surgeon) called Leedham-Green. He was generally known as Bleed'em-White. I believe he had a flourishing private practice - though he was a delightful man by all accounts, and an excellent medic, of course.

Margaret Brocklehurst said...

I used to know of a doctor called Preston-White, but we all called her Creased & Grey!

We have daffs just coming out, but the woods are full of snowdrops!

Love to you both xxx

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Z. One or two of our more sheltered daffs are showing colour, although Ann tells me they are narcissi.
Yes, that name is just begging for the lampoonery it deservedly got.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Mag. So is that one. I suppose nobody can help their surname (although I did know a chap who changed his by deed-poll; but more often when it's Christian names that are the problem, there's been dirty work at the font. I've probably told you this, but I was at school with a chap named Seaton, whose christian names were George Arthur, which meant that his initials were G.A.S. this, of course led to him going through school known as Smelly Seaton. In the end this nick name became so familiar that no one took any notice of it, least of all Seaton.

Maggie said...

Graham's name was I.g. Knight (ignight) and he was known as sparky to those who dare say it.

My initials are E M E, so at school I was known as East Midlands Electricity! Doesn't help now that my surname begins with a B so that now becomes East Midlands Electricity Board!