Sunday, 2 February 2014


I seem to have become a bit lazy last week with regard to blogging.  Point is I spent the first part of the week catching up on restoration work - cleared a good deal of it; and then the second part of the week  seemed to be filled  up with socialising - so a good, busy week. In fact the socialising carried on into the weekend,  as we met up with Sir Bruin and his lady, Liz, on Saturday morning, and went out to our favourite Farm Shop for breakfast with them. Then came back here for coffee, and a potter round the workshop. Then yesterday afternoon to Scrabble Club, where Hilary was on excellent form and won the first two games. 

This morning to Church at a small village a couple of miles from us, and decided to make a detour on our return journey and took all today's photos. Above is a lovely old farmhouse near the aforementioned Church.

 Above is a nearby pond which looked pretty good for early February.
 Don't quite know why I took the above photo, except that I liked the arrangement for conserving rainwater on this cottage.
 Took this snap of the road ahead to prove that Suffolk ISN'T all that flat.
Ann pulled into the roadside so I could take this snap of snowdrops beside the road.
Suffolk farmhouse behind its  thin winter hedge.
A rather handsome Farmhouse I've always liked the look of. There's no symmetry about this one; it looks as if it 'just growed' - like Topsy. I think a lot of old houses have a look of having grown into their surroundings.
Now I really must get on with some work. I hammered out this blog entry while some glue dried. It should be quite dry now so I can get on with sawing out some thin brass sheet, with which I can replace missing inlay on a Black Forest, Regency style clock-dial surround. Actually - just been called upstairs as a cuppa is waiting for me, which will give the glued sheet brass a bit more time to dry.


Sir Bruin said...

Breakfast was, indeed, very fine. As was the post-trough chat. It was good to see you both again.

Mike and Ann said...

It was good to see you and Liz, Sir B. In fact it was a very pleasant morning, thank you.

Liz said...

Quite apart from good company and a delicious breakfast, it is also nice to get out of town and see the Suffolk countryside, which your lovely photos show to good effect.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you, Liz. As a Norfolk fenman by origin, I do enjoy the gentle beauty of Suuffolk, and you, as a Lincolnshire native, will understand that, I know. We both enjoyed your visit.