Monday, 10 February 2014


 Motored over to Ely this morning for Ann's sibling lunch. Also to celebrate Phoebe's 80th birthday. Should explain that Phoebe is the lady second from the left in the above photo, and  a family connexion of Ann's. Should also explain perhaps that Phoebe's birthday was last week, and also that it turned out that Phoebe was eighty last year, so we celebrated her eighty first birthday instead. Usual excellent lunch at (commercial coming up here) the Fire Engine House.
 On our way home on the A14 with Ann driving I tried photographing fairly dramatic cloud formations - with limited success, above and below.

Then we spotted a water spout (?) above.
 Possibly a tornado (????) above.

NO!!! It turned out to be the steam cloud from the Bury Saint Edmund's Sugar Beet Factory (above).


                                                          And Good Night.



Z said...

Doesn't the factory smell peculiar? I like Bury St Edmunds very much except for that.

Happy very belated 80th birthday and slightly belated 81st to Phoebe. I love the name Phoebe. Our old gardener Kenny always called the moon Phoebe, which I thought was charmingly romantic, especially from a country man who left school at 14.

Rog said...

Ha ha ! A sugar beet tornado! My friend's father designed that chimney.

I see black labs are welcome at the engine house?

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Z. Yes, it's a lovely eighteenth century sort of a name that you'd expect to find in a Matthew Prior poem. Ref factory, yes, it whiffs at times.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Rog. Glad the move went well. there was a fourteen year old black lab in the room, but the dog in the photo is his eleven week old stable mate, and is a lab/whippet/border collie cross, and is a highly intelligent absolute delight.

Lori Skoog said...

Just caught up again. You two continue to be social butterflies...can't beat it. I am very jealous of your garden as ours are covered with over 20 inches of snow.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Lori. Good to hear from you. Compared to yours we're having a very reasonably well behaved winter.Wet, but no snow, and not particularly cold. Hope it continues like that, although we've got a leak in the roof, that our builder says can't be repaired until the weather is a but more dry, so, on second thoughts, I hope for drier weather.

Pat said...

It's a prerogative of a lady to forget exactly which birthday it is.
Sadly I can't as I 'go with the years'.
I have the same roof problems- and the same -all too reasonable delays.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. Phoebe has always looked the same, so I think it surprised us to know her age! She was a very good friend to Ann's mother.
We've just come back from another eightieth birthday party. Will make a blog entry of it later (if I have time).