Saturday, 22 February 2014


 Yesterday morning dropped in Cafe Church at Saint Mary's, and saw that the usual area (at this time of year - or - most years a little later than this) was covered in wild violets -above.
Went to Scrabble Club this afternoon, and on the way there, as it was a lovely day, took the above and below photos of cottages on our street. Three excellent games with Hilary and Kevin.  Hilary has injured her right hand (small bone broken the medicos seem to think) putting up a folding table last week. As she's having problems preparing and cutting up food we asked her to supper again.  
Ann had bought for the weekend a nice 'free range chicken', which, to make sure it was cooked in time Ann had 'spatchcocked', that is - had split it down the breastbone,  flattened it out, and cooked it face down. It worked as it usually does, and the bird was very well cooked. The only problem was when I carved it, as, although I'd turned it onto its back, everything still  seemed the wrong way round. Didn't matter in the end, as it was so well cooked it absolutely fell apart, so I didn't have to bother about nice even slices, and anyway, in view of Hilary's difficulties, I cut it up for her on her plate. I'd opened a bottle of Piesporter (which was a little sweeter than I'd expected) but 'went well' enough with the bird. Ann had made a fruit pie, after which I made a pot of coffee at the end of the meal. We then sat round the table and nattered till just after nine, when Ann ran Hilary home. A lovely meal and a good evening.

                                               Good Night All.

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