Friday, 1 November 2013


Took the above photographs late last week. Before the storm on Monday and certainly before Wednesday's frost. We were motoring back from Sudbury, and took the first three through the car window. All three houses are fairly typical Suffolk dwellings, of different periods and sizes.  The last picture, of a clump of late poppies at the edge of a field, we both saw at the same time, so Ann backed the car about fifty yards, and I hopped out and took the picture.  

The computer's been playing up lately and this morning I bumped into Thomas in the town, and asked his assistance. He and his wife popped in about tea time. Thomas is an I.T. teacher at the local school (hope I've got the terminology right), and it took him about five minutes flat to induce the computer to return to its duties.  He is a helpful chap in his twenties, and I hope he doesn't realise what a dimbo he makes me feel when he does something in minutes that I've been fighting the computer over for days. However I took notes of what he did (he always explains it carefully) so if the same thing happens in the future I can sort the %$^&***!! machine out.

This evening a superb firework display was put on by one of our neighbours opposite, and we got it nicely (as we usually do at this time of year) from one of the front spare bedroom windows. When it was all over (and it took not far short of half an hour) I bellowed "THANK YOU !" out of the open window at the top of my voice, and we both heard some sort of verbal acknowledgement.
We do enjoy fireworks!

                                      Good Night All.


Mike and Ann said...

Or, to put it more bluntly :- As far as antiquities are concerned, conservation is more important than restoration.

Mike and Ann said...

Sorry - that comment should have gone to the next blog entry.