Saturday, 9 November 2013


Must record that today, fellow bloggers Rog and Catherine, who are weekending in a cottage in Suffolk,
came over and had lunch with us. Ann gave them mushroom soup, followed by a cheeseboard, then apple and raspberry crumble. Above photo shows us at the coffee stage of the meal.

They brought Lily and Holly with them. The dogs were incredibly well behaved, as, of course, were their owners; and all were their usual delightful company. Been a very relaxed day.

                                                 Goodnight all.


Rog said...

Very nice to see you both again
A brilliant time just flied
The soup was really perfect
I had not mushroom inside!

Lovely time - many thanks!!!

Crowbard said...

My word Mike,
lovely photos, I had never supposed Rog would prove to be such a personable young man (although apparently a 'cradle-snatcher')!

Sir Bruin said...

Rog, you're a fun guy.

Rog said...

Now I feel like I've been crow-barred with a back handed complement! (Reaches for the WD40 ;-) )
Sir B: I fancy I'm actually fungible....

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Rog. It was a pleasure to see you all again; a lovely time as you say, and it was had by all.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Crowbard, and Sir Bruin. Yes, it was great fun.

Mike and Ann said...

Rog, I don't think Sir Bruin meant fungi - after all, he's in much the same boat, and I'm the most fungi (can that be used as an adjective ?) of the three of us.

Crowbard said...

I don't believe any of you three gents are fungible! Utterly irreplaceable the lot of you!

Crowbard said...

PS would fungified be nearer your meaning Mike?

Mike and Ann said...

Crowbard. It may be. Hang on, I'll just cheque. Yes, Sir Bruin called Rog a fungi! Ah, having read more carefully, Sir Bruin said Rog was a 'fun guy'. Should have spotted that - Sir Bruin, like so many of the aristocracy these days is rather given to using Americanisms - 'guy' indeed!!!

Crowbard said...

Beautiful commemoration at the Cenotaph yesterday.


Wilfrid Gibson

We who are left, how shall we look again
Happily upon the sun or feel the rain,
Without remembering how they who went
Ungrudgingly, and spent
Their all for us, loved too the sun and rain?

A bird among the rain-wet lilac sings –
But we, how shall we turn to little things,
And listen to the birds and winds and streams
Made holy by their dreams,
Nor feel the heart-break in the heart of things?

Pat said...

You know so many nice bloggers - I envy you.
And aren't those dogs adorable?

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Pat. We seem to have got to know many 'nice bloggers', of whom you are one. I think Zoe's annual 'blog meet' has been the main cause of us getting to know many of our fellow bloggers; so it's directly thanks to Zoe.

And; yes, Roger and Cath's two dogs are indeed lovely and very well behaved.