Friday, 8 November 2013


Been a busy week. Started well, in that on Monday we motored over to Ely. Took the above photo of the Cathedral as we approached the city.

We went there to meet Ann's two younger brothers and their wives and have lunch with them at the Fire Engine House, shown above. We've been eating there for a great many years, and I have to say that both the food (using, as it does, good, local, produce) and the service, which is excellent, suit us very well.

Got there first, so had a stroll. The above Church (Saint Mary's, I think), stands more or less opposite the Fire Engine House, and the half timbered house to the right, was inhabited for a few years, by Oliver Cromwell, when he was collector of the King's taxes for the Isle of Ely. Strange to think that a few years later, he was the prime mover in the removal of the same King's head!!!!!!!

Back to the Fire Engine House, where we found David and Jo, and David kindly took the above photo, then, on the arrival of Tim and Sue,  to lunch. Ann had roast pork, which she told me was excellent, and I had partridge casserole, knowing that my portion of casserole would contain a whole partridge.  I remember being shown, a few years ago, a pigeon pie there. It was the size of a smallish cart wheel, and each slice of pie contained a whole wood pigeon!.  The waitress then brought in a large dish of vegetables, and told us that we were to ask for more if necessary - "and more meat , too, when you're ready for it".  A while later, when I was about half way through my partridge, I did in fact ask for some more vegetables  - "Of course, sir" - and was back in thirty seconds with another dish of them.   I remember, a while back, Ann's brother David asked for a little more meat, and met with exactly the same response - the 'little more' being several more slices of  roast beef.   The problem with telling everyone about a place like this is that it becomes well known, and you end up having to book a table months ahead.  Although, come to think of it, we always do book a table, well ahead of time. After a superb lunch, the party broke up just after half past three o'clock, and Ann and I adjourned to the Waterside Antique centre, where, I'm glad to say, I bought half a dozen bits - a good haul. Finally got home at about six p.m.

          The rest of the week has been pretty busy, too; the high point being the antique fair at Long Melford on Wednesday. Bought several bits before the fair opened (and sold most of them before the fair closed).   I like to be fairly busy, the drawback is that I then get behind with the blog. You'll see my point if you realise that I took the above photos on Monday, and finally got round to publishing  them today, Friday.

     Oh well.......... must (and will) try and do better.

    Warm  Regards to all my readers.

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