Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Short blog entry to record the first frost of the winter. We were up early to attend early service (7.30 a.m.) at which I was due to read the first lesson - Acts16, vs.11 to 15; and found we had to scrape a hard frost off the car windscreen.

On returning home at about nine a.m. found that the rambler, which is climbing all over our kitchen wall and is now well  above the windows,  hadn't quite given up on summer, yet.


Rog said...

I see you've got a decorative ice scraper.... wearing a hat!

I gave up on my shorts yeaterday - they'd had a good run since April.

They needed washing anyway ;-)

Pat said...

Oh dear - not frost already.
Still if it gets Rog to wash his shorts it's not all bad news.

Mike and Ann said...

Hello Pat. You don't think he'll wash them himself, do you?