Sunday, 13 October 2013


 Going to try and continue the saga of our holiday last week chronologically.  Above photo shows Ann standing in the large gardens of our hotel, which we reached on Saturday afternoon.

I think I showed the sea view from our room yesterday. Above photo shows another view from our room. To the left of the photo is the railway station, with a railway line that runs down to Bishop's Lidiard, with eight other stations  on the line, and one request stop. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the town (Minehead, in case I didn't say), and looking round the Railway Station. Had tea at a table outside the Station canteen, watching  all the below chuffer engines (excuse the return to boyhood which these steam trains induced).

The little red (narrow gage) engine to the right of the photo above is being restored in the Station workshop. It served in Wales on the Tallillyn branch line - hope I've got that right).

We sat and watched as the engine above was turned round on a massive turntable, pushed round by TWO men.
We eventually walked back to the hotel (only about a ten minute stroll), and changed for dinner, which we took in the hotel dining room.
More tomorrow - Goodnight all.

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Pat said...

The second photo down with the puff puff is excellent.