Thursday, 3 October 2013


Following yesterday's antique Fair at Long Melford Village Hall (which I must add was enlivened by the attendance  of Rog and the fair Cath, I'm glad to say - especially as I think they found one or two bits ?, as did I), I walked into town this morning, went to the bank, then had to go round to the Church to return some tea towels that Ann had laundered. Took above and below photos of the Churchyard, which still has plenty of colour to admire.

As has, vide below two photos, our own small garden.  The rose bushes are about to give a (final, I suppose) flush of colour. The apples, too, lend colour to the garden, but really refuse to be picked just yet.

Really wrote this swift blog entry to give notice to my friends that I shall be rather too busy over the next few days to blog much. Will try and catch up next week perhaps, when things may have slacked off a little.

Till then  -  Warm regards to all, Mike and Ann.


Rog said...

Very lovely shot of the Church Mike - it has a sort of vintage watercolour look to it.

Don't get too busy and show us young whippersnappers up for the slackers we are now!

Liz said...

That second photo, showing the church (and...what is that building on the left?) is rather striking. The light makes it look almost like a painting.

Enjoy whatever you are being busy with.

Crowbard said...

That is a glorious picture of the juxtaposed church and deanery towers

Pat said...

Don't you just love late roses?
I am thinking of you both today and hoping the long journey home will be a pleasant one.
So glad you came.

Mike and Ann said...

Liz. I'm sorry I haven't answered your question. The building on the left is the Deanery Tower. It was completed in 1495. The smaller building to the right of it (and to the left of the Church) is the Deanery. It was finally added to the Deanery Tower in 1832. Next time you come this way I must show your our Church, Guildhall and Deanery Tower; as a group (on three sides of a square) they are, in my opinion, quite unique.